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Why is my view blurry?

If using the HTC Vive there are a few things to check if your view is blurry.

1. Ensure that the headset is properly fastened snuggly against your face by applying proper tension using the velcro straps.

2. Twist the little knob at the bottom of the HTC Vive to adjust the Interpupillary Distance (IPD). The average IPD is around 63 mm.

Still blurry?

3. There's another visual adjustment mechanism on the Vive. 

a. Grip the gray rings on the strap mounts on both sides of your headset by your ears.

b. Pull away from the headset and they will snap out into an extended position.

c. You can now crank the left and right rings together, moving the entire HMD closer or farther from your eyes.
Then adjust your IPD knob.

Please contact us if these steps do not help. 

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