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How do I avoid motion sickness?

There is a small percentage of folks that are going to feel motion sick. However, when using Formula E by Virtually Live, motion sickness is mitigated by a couple careful behaviors. 

1) Start slowly. Though there's a temptation to teleport around really fast inside of the social areas, if you first acquaint yourself with the movement pattern used in Virtually Live you will adjust gradually. It's possible that we'll change the movement to blink or stepped motion, right now it's constant 

2) Anytime you are onboard one of the Formula E vehicles, at first, it's a good call to stay seated. 

3) A follow-on point to number 2 is to center yourself in the cockpit of the car and face forward. This helps alleviate motion sickness by providing a visually static area of the display (namely, the dashboard and front portion of the chassis), as you speed around the track.... 

Sticking with basic VR design guidelines, we do allow the demoer a full range of view at all times. This means that you can step out of the vehicle while it's moving, look backwards or rather, anywhere you'd like to, and even dip your head through the car model. Herein lies a comfort level issue. Some will be able to do these things without feeling any motion sickness, while still, a small portion of overall users will feel like they are losing their balance.

Finally, it is more comfortable to have a chair with you when you try the onboard viewpoints. Protip: use the trackpad on the Vive controller to alter your height. This can really help with the positioning mentioned in #2 above.

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